Sep 1, 2014

the weekend

the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend the weekend
i developed film at home this weekend!!!!! [can you tell how excited i am about this?]

ever since i took a black and white photography class and learned to develop and print film a few years ago, i've wanted to develop at home, and, someday, print. then a certain baby thing happened, which put everything on hold for a while, and i nearly gave up.

recently, i was invited to join a facebook group of fellow photographers, specifically, film shooters. after lurking around for weeks and feeling awful and that i don't actually belong in a film photography group because i hadn't shot anything on film for more than six months, i finally decided to join in in discussions and reach out to people with questions i've had in the past. these ladies have been so supportive and helpful, they've really inspired me to shoot more film. in the past couple of weeks, i dusted off my film and cameras and shot a couple of rolls, and, just like that, fell in love with film all over again.

i found myself checking facebook regularly specifically to read up on the discussions around film photography. and i thought to myself, i really, really want to develop! after reading a ton of forums, blogs, and discussions, watching countless youtube videos, and pep talking myself, i put together a list of all the darkroom developing equipment i needed and went ahead and clicked 'order!' and last night, i developed my first roll of color negatives in my own kitchen—developing color film [c-41] is really not as hard as i thought it'd be!

here are the photos from the first roll. the last [crappy iphone pic, sorry] is of the two rolls i developed together in the same tank, hung up to dry in my make shift negative drying cabinet, a.k.a. powder room with door shut and space heater on, and binder clips as negative clips/weights, which have yet to arrive in the mail.

will share photos from the second roll in the next post. i can't wait to develop more! :)

Aug 27, 2014

birthday magic!

weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday weston birthday
another birthday party!

my friend karen's younger son, weston, turned one a month before nick. [yes, i'm aware it's taken me two months to share these photos.]

i thought it might fun to compare these photos with those from her older son's birthday party, here, at which i was also present. they are certainly both very detailed and thoughtful.

karen works part-time as an architect, which, in reality, is very much a full-time job, on top of being a mom to two very active, albeit adorable, boys. i fully expected her to scale down a bit for the second child, but i should've known better. i don't know how she found time to plan this elaborate birthday party, but she did, and it was amazing!

the theme was magic, and the invitations, the cake, the favors were all designed around it. all of the party décor were color coordinated. and...there was even a magician! the kids just LOVED him!

the moral of the story: all of my friends are overachievers, and karen goes a step above that.

Aug 21, 2014

revisit | uc berkeley campus

chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session chung family session
this session started in my make shift studio at home, to get acquainted with the kids, and ended at the uc berkeley campus. i've always wanted to do a session there. so, when our friends, sandi and clarence, asked if they could change the location for their shoot, which was originally supposed to take place in their home, i jumped at the chance. yes, please!

york and i often take nick on walks around campus. it's close by, [very] stroller-friendly, and [most importantly] there's good boba tea around almost at every corner. with its historic buildings, beautiful landscapes, and, like, a million trees, there's just so much good light waiting to be discovered and captured.

it happened to be overcast that day, so the lighting in my favorite spots were a bit tricky, but we were able to go out there early and do a bunch of test shots. i LOVED this place as a backdrop! this session felt more like a casual photo walk. we took our time and got a good workout walking around campus, searching for good light. i'm so happy to have finally done a session here!

Aug 13, 2014

baby olive

olive olive olive olive olive olive olive olive olive
a recent session with our friends kim and francis' third child, baby olive at 4 months. olive is such a sweet girl and her older siblings adore her! they even assisted me during the shoot by getting olive to smile for me and acting as my reflector arm/stand. :)

when i first started to photograph babies, and this was way before i had a baby of my own and i knew very little about them, i was told that this was a tough age to work with. they are not as sleepy as newborns, and are just starting to move around, but can't quite sit up by themselves yet, which makes it a bit tricky to pose them.

but i must say, i really enjoy babies at this age. it's an incredible developmental stage, where they go from doing very little to suddenly becoming alert, physically active, and their personalities begin to blossom. every smile, giggle, and cry gives a clue to what this little person will soon grow up to be.

Aug 11, 2014

how fast they grow

ally ally ally ally ally ally ally ally ally ally
my niece allison was here for nick's birthday party. of course, i had to squeeze in a session to capture her at four months. i cannot believe how much she has grown since i took her newborn photos! i can't get over her sweet face and, just a few months since i saw her last, how much of a personality she has developed! she's just too cute, i may steal her from my brother. :)

Aug 8, 2014

summer babies

summer babies summer babies summer babies summer babies summer babies summer babies summer babies
our friends, aaron and wendy, has a baby girl named sky who is just a few days older than nick. we attended her, coincidentally, hot air balloon themed birthday party a few weeks ago.

wendy did such an amazing job, i actually took several photos of the hot air balloons she hung up around the house, but i will just share a couple with you.

for food, they hired a taco guy to cater tacos out of their backyard. i thought that was such a great idea! it allowed them to sit back and spend time with their guests, while friends and family still got to enjoy great food.

the ice cream cake was from fentons creamery, it was really good. mmm...thinking of it makes me want to swing by the ice cream shop right now. wendy also purchased some edible hot air balloon cake toppers for it off of etsy, it was just too cute.