Nov 10, 2014

five years | new york trip

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york and i have a tradition, instead of gifts, every year around the time of our wedding anniversary, we take a trip somewhere. amazingly, we've been able to keep this up for four out of the five years we've been married, the only year we couldn't travel was when nick was a bit too young. we both love to travel, sight see, and eat, so a small vacation/weekend getaway is the perfect anniversary gift.

this year, to celebrate our five years of marriage, we went to new york. we stayed in brooklyn, and it was a good choice. our park slope airbnb was perfect for our little family, stroller-friendly, and surrounded by good restaurants. october has to be my favorite time of year to visit new york. the weather was somewhere between gorgeous and slightly cooler, which i find to be perfect for walking, and we did quite a bit of that.

the best part? our friends made it a point to meet us for a quick coffee, brunch, and even sneak out of work to stand in line for ramen with us. our cousin mary and her husband drove up all the way from boston with their kids to join us for a couple of days. we had a blast seeing family and catching up with old friends!

more photos from our trip on my instragram.

Nov 3, 2014

park family

park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family park family
i met hedy at a friend's bachelorette party last year. then again at the wedding. hedy was so sweet and kind, i was honored when she asked me to take her family portraits.

this was such a fun shoot! it was a foggy morning, we met at a park that had a playground and the kids got to play at the end of the shoot, which is always a plus. i've always been a little worried about shooting in fog, besides having less light, the light loses its direction when the fog is too heavy, and portraits and faces can come out a bit flat. but this particular morning, the fog created a nice soft light, which i loved, and the park made for a nice, almost romantic, backdrop.

hedy has two adorable little girls, each with her own unique personality. her husband, sang, won my respect for the amount of patience and love he showed for his girls. throughout the shoot, sang passed along good parenting advice, which will definitely come in handy for me in the near future. :)

Oct 20, 2014

making faces

ally ally ally ally ally
my niece, allison, just one week shy of 7 months.

i just can't get enough of her and her cheeks. <3

Oct 16, 2014

moy family

moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family moy family
karen and joon have two of the most adorable kids that i know. karen is an architect and a close friend of mine. we worked in the same architecture firm before i left the industry. her style is polished, and her taste in everything is exquisite. every time i enter her home, i get the urge to run home redecorate mine. she also plans the best kids' birthday parties. [see photos here and here.] she's a busy working mom, who somehow also manages to stay at home part-time with her kids, and make her home beautiful. she's also a good friend that i count on for mommy advice. karen's a good person to know. :)

i was incredibly honored when she asked if i could take her family's portraits. her little one is only weeks older than nick, after the shoot, we took them to the park to play. not all photos shoots can turn into play dates, but when they do, it's a blast.

Oct 10, 2014


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[film, kodak portra 400, nikon n80]

hello! i know it's been a while since my last post. if you asked what i've been doing the past month, i can't really say. i got sucked into a black hole. it was filled with giggles and ice cream and daily snuggles. i'm doing okay.

a little after his first birthday, nick pulled himself to standing and began to take steps across the room. since then, he's been walking, better, faster, and more stably with each day. it's incredible watching him change and grow. how crazy it is to tell people that i have a toddler now. somedays, i'm still in disbelief that i'm a mom. it was not that long ago that this seemed like something that would never happen for me.

if you recall, i started my photography business almost two years ago. immediately after, i discovered i was pregnant. we were overjoyed to be blessed with a child, but a baby on the way meant photography had to be placed on hold for a bit. i didn't start booking shoots again until nick was 4 or 5 months old. and it was a slow start, just one or two shoots here and there. our friends and family have been kind enough to spread the word for me, and i've receive more and more inquiries. at first, i wasn't quite prepared for the ramp up. i was a full-time mom trying to squeeze work into an already full schedule.

so lately, i've been doing a lot of restructuring—trying to create some sort of balance which will allow me to work and still be a mom. it hasn't been easy. at times, i feel overwhelmed, wishing there were just a few more hours in the day for sleep, or tv, or fun. but being busy doing what you love, it's a good problem to have. life is full. and i'm pretty happy with where it's headed.